How to design resilient network design?

By design, the internet is resilient.This is partly because, unlike other technologies, it is not a network that is going to collapse.In the future, it may not even be a network at all, but a set of services, like WhatsApp, that are built in a way that they are resilient to external perturbations.But it is […]

What to do if you’re thinking about starting a new career as an Ivy League designer

The world is full of Ivy League designers, but only a handful have had the chance to do their own thing.The rest have either been stuck in college or are living off of their parents’ savings.As a result, it’s not uncommon for designers to be struggling with finding the time and motivation to make their […]

When design is the next frontier

By: Ben TuthillThe interior designer industry is changing, as more and more people are seeking to design for homes, offices and other office-type spaces.But there’s one niche that’s going to need a lot of new work to get the attention of design professionals: interior designers.In a new interview with the Independent, interior designer Ben Tothill […]

Why are companies trying to design networks that make sense for their employees?

5g is a name for a new network technology that is being used to build faster and more scalable networks.The term 5g means the “fifth generation” of the Internet.It refers to the fact that 5G networks have a new layer of processing that allows them to scale faster, and is a huge improvement over traditional […]

How to design a network

Designing a network is a bit like creating a skyscraper, but much harder.As a building, it must be built to withstand the forces of gravity and its own weight.However, the structure of the network must also withstand the force of gravity, and it must hold its shape and strength in such a way that it […]

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