Why you should wear your business cards in style: How a designer turned a pair of business cards into a stylish wardrobe piece

From a business card to a business logo, these stylish pieces are available in hundreds of different styles.And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, because fashion designers have developed a slew of creative and functional business cards for every occasion, from weddings to corporate events.Here are 10 business card designs that are a great […]

When we lose our way, we fall into a global depression

By DAVID HAASBERGBERGDES MOINES, NEW YORK (Reuters) – In this quiet, cobbled-together factory, a man named Andrew Bunch stands in the doorway.“It’s my job,” he says, explaining the company he founded in 2003 to sell computer components for home and business.Bunch, 46, has built his business on his knowledge of the design of computer systems.“This […]

Why I got the most out of my network design team

How much does your network design budget cost?The answer is not always obvious.The answer could vary depending on where you live, what services you have, and even what you want to build.But the short answer is, it depends.Network design, the practice of designing networks that will work together in an orderly manner, is essential for […]

Which network design tool to use for health network design?

Health network design is a critical part of any organization’s network design strategy.Whether you’re building a mobile app, a cloud platform or a healthcare network, network design can help you build an attractive, easy-to-use design.In this article, we’ve rounded up the top network design products available to health care professionals.Network Design Tools and Tools for […]

How to build a sustainable freelance design business in Ghana

How to create a sustainable freelancing business in a small country where most of the people have never worked in a design firm before?And how to survive the recession?The question, posed by the Ghanaian freelancing network, Ghana Design Network, has been debated for some time, and its answer has been mixed.Ghana design was founded by […]

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