How to get the best capacitor design networks for your power supplies

How to build the best capacitors for your system and your applications, with this guide.If you’ve ever built an electrical device and found that it’s a bit clunky or just doesn’t work, you might have to get creative with capacitor design.With capacitor designs, you can control the voltage, capacitance and capacitance distribution, all while keeping […]

What makes a smart network design?

Networks are increasingly being used to connect people and services, to store information and manage information.The Internet of Things, which is often called the Internet of Everything, is the new “internet of things,” and it’s an incredibly exciting time to be a designer.You can’t design the Internet or the future of communications without designing the […]

How to design a wireless network using wireframe and wireframes

In this series, we’re going to show you how to design wireless networks from scratch using wireframes and wireframe examples.WireframeWireframes are usually created from wireframes that describe what the network should look like.These wireframes can be used to identify a network layout, a user interface, and more.They are usually a great way to create a […]

What the heck is an IP network design?

The IP network is the backbone of the internet.A single network can serve millions of devices, each connected to it by a single network access point (NAT) or “gateway.”Networks can also be split up into multiple layers, each layer serving different tasks and functions.These layers can be dynamically reconfigured and re-configured over time.A network is […]

Why are you so busy with the world?

People are often asked why they work so hard.Many people are tempted to look for an answer in their work life, or to see their work as somehow “satisfying” and “good” in some way.But the work-life balance in the workplace is actually quite different to that of most of us.Many of us spend most of […]

‘Wheeler Network Design Clipart’ will be available to download from

Next Big Futures is proud to announce the launch of a new series of web design clips.The series will be released over the next two weeks.This month’s theme is ‘Wheelers Network Design’.This will be the third series of our series of clips in which the themes are ‘Network Design’ and ‘Network Analysis’.Each series is unique […]

How to design a vector network

A network design technique that makes the network design easier and more fun for the network designer.By the end of the tutorial, you’ll have a solid understanding of network design, and you’ll be ready to tackle some of the more challenging aspects of network creation.This network design tutorial was written by Kelli Juhlman, an associate […]

How to use an HLD network with Google’s Android app

This is a post in our HLD series, an ongoing look at how to use the Google Play Services to build and distribute HLD-compatible Android applications.In this post, we’ll look at using the Google Android app for HLD to create a simple, secure, and powerful HLD device.The Google Android HLD app lets you create a […]

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