‘The Flash’ season finale to feature ‘Bart the Killer’ in a flashback episode

After Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) was kidnapped by The Flash (Grant Ward), Barry’s parents (Ezra Miller and Candice Patton) tracked down the Flash’s kidnappers and killed them.While Barry was in a coma, his parents returned to the city of Metropolis and kidnapped their son again.After a brief confrontation with a group of criminals, Barry managed […]

How to design a perfect home network

Designing your home network is the best way to save energy and keep your home connected to your family, friends, and work colleagues.With this in mind, it’s crucial that you get the right network design.We’ve put together this list of network design tools for you to get you started.1.The Internet of Things (IoT) networkDesigning the […]

When it comes to network design for big data, Chicago’s design firm says, ‘No, no, no’

A Chicago design firm, Digital City Solutions, says that its design is better than what most big data solutions provide, and that it’s just a matter of “finding what works best.”In a blog post published Thursday, Digital Cities said its design approach is based on the principles of “hierarchical, modularity, and design that is scalable […]

Which network design is right for you?

Network design is a very personal choice and is based on the person, their needs, and their budget.But it can also be very important. “For people who are not tech savvy, the network design will be a huge investment in their personal network.I think network design has a big impact on how much they can consume,” […]

How to make your own clipart with a computer

The art of design can be complex.Some of us want to put everything in the box.Others have a creative streak that’s just contagious.Either way, we’re all creative and we’re probably all a little bit of an art addict.You might be asking yourself, what’s the difference between designing for a network and designing for the web?Let’s […]

Network Design Assessment

By now you probably know that the NBN is a system designed to make it easier for you to get the best quality internet for your money.It’s called “fast lanes” and it’s supposed to speed up the internet speeds of your home. But there’s another part of the NBN that’s a little more controversial. The part that […]

VRF Network Designers: An Interview with Scott Litz

VRF Networks is an exciting new design agency that will combine the power of VR and design into a new interactive design concept.With a focus on providing high-end design for VR applications, they’ve already worked on projects for the likes of HTC, Samsung, and LG.Now they’re bringing their expertise to VR, and it’s not hard […]

When to use an intranet backhaul for network connectivity

A lot of network backhauling can get you a little lost when trying to connect to your internet connections.In this article, we’ll explore some of the more common types of network infrastructure backhaul and the best use for it.Backhaul is basically the network routing between two or more computers that provide a similar service, such […]

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