The tech industry is moving away from legacy systems, and towards decentralized networks

7.50am: New Delhi, India: There is a new trend in the emerging markets of technology that is changing the way we do business.

In the space of 3D printing, startups are working on the first “smart city” that will be able to digitize and digitize itself.

According to one of the founders of the startup, the “smart cities” are not a new concept.

They are not just a new idea but a new way to make use of technology in the real world.

According To Arvind Narayanan, founder and CEO of Digital City, a new company in New Delhi is working on a smart city.

He told Business Insider that the idea is to make smart cities as ubiquitous as they can be.

He said the idea behind the “Smart City” is to “transform urban environments and bring them closer to the people”.

In a world of smart cars and smart drones, the concept of the “city as a living machine” seems a bit strange, but that is what the team is trying to do.

In this way, the company hopes to take the city to a level where it can be considered as a service rather than a property, which is what it means to be a property.

Narayanan said that this is an approach that can be applied in many different industries.

It is similar to how a restaurant owner can take care of their own restaurant by giving it to others to use, for example.

In India, the idea of a “smart urban” is very different from that of a restaurant.

But it seems that it is being embraced by many different companies.

“Our goal is to be the next generation of urban businesses,” said Arvind.

“We have a great vision of what a smart business should be.”

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