When design is the next frontier

By: Ben TuthillThe interior designer industry is changing, as more and more people are seeking to design for homes, offices and other office-type spaces.

But there’s one niche that’s going to need a lot of new work to get the attention of design professionals: interior designers.

In a new interview with the Independent, interior designer Ben Tothill reveals that, unlike other industries, interior design isn’t getting a lot attention from the media, but is still in the vanguard of interior design.

The Independent interviewed Tothell about how he got into the field, the importance of design in design, and how the current landscape is changing the industry.

The interview can be found on the Independent’s website and is available on Apple Podcasts.

You can also listen to the audio below.

Tothill says he first became interested in the field of interior designs after working with a couple of interior designers in the mid-1990s.

Tothills first met a couple at a trade show and decided to join a company called Avanto that specialized in interior design, he said.

Toths’ first job was to work with one of these designers on a project that was meant to be a demonstration project of his work.

Toths said that he was drawn to the idea of designing a house for a friend, but was a bit apprehensive at first because the home he was working on had an unfinished exterior.

“I was really nervous about it,” he said, noting that he had a feeling that his friend was going to be impressed.

TOTHILL: “I think a lot more people were really interested in it, I think it’s a great field.”

But, when the project got underway, the team got very excited.

Tiths was inspired by the “boutique feel” of the project and decided he wanted to work on something that was both exciting and exciting for people who were in the industry, as well as a good way to build up his portfolio.

TITHILL: I think people were very excited about it, and I think the designers were excited about what I was doing.

It was a really fun thing.

I think a bunch of them were very impressed with the way I was approaching the project, because I really felt like I was putting my own stamp on it.

I think there’s a lot that can be learned from this, because when you have an open-plan home, and you want people to look at you and say, ‘You’re so creative’, or you want to look your own way and feel good about yourself, then that’s the best time to do that.

That’s the most important time.

It’s also the most exciting time to be an interior designer.

I feel like this has been the most positive experience I’ve had, and it’s definitely something that I’ve definitely learnt a lot from.TOTHILL’S HOUSES ARE UNDER THE SHADOW OF ANOTHER IMPORTANT ISSUE: HEALTH”I really think the biggest thing that I would like to address, from the inside out, is the health aspect of interior designing,” Tothall said.

“A lot of times when we design homes, we’re thinking of a place for people to sit, relax, and get away from all the noise and distractions of the day, but it’s also very important that we have the space for people’s health and wellbeing.

So, for me, it’s very important to design spaces that are conducive to that.”

Tothills is a big fan of the use of LED lighting, which he says is the most environmentally friendly way to make the home look more spacious.

LED lighting is a lot easier to use than incandescent lighting, and he said that the lighting can even be incorporated into existing furniture and furnishings.

“If you look at most houses that are on the market right now, most of them are using traditional incandescents and then they’re putting the LED lights in the walls,” he explained.

“So I really think that we need to be very conscious about the environmental impact of all the LED lighting.”

In the interview, Tothillo said that a lot has changed since he started working in interior designs, and his company, Toths Design, is on the cusp of launching a new design class that will be focusing on creating design for the homes that they design.

“It’s kind of a new kind of curriculum that I think is being created,” Toths said.

He added that there’s been a lot change in the interior design world in recent years, as designers have begun to realize that the design world is changing.TOTS: I’m really excited to be part of this new class.

I’m super excited to bring some of the very best design in the country, and the industry right now.

I have a lot to learn and I’m excited to help build something new for the industry that I really love.

The class is going to

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