How to Design a Basic Network Design for Your Business

In his book Design for Success, Dan Abramowitz, cofounder of The Abramowitz Group, outlines the importance of network design in business today.

Abramowitz writes, “A basic network design can be the first step toward creating an effective communication system.

It is an important tool for network engineers, network architects, network managers, and even people in other fields.”

While network design is often a core component of design, there are plenty of great resources out there that teach network design and even more that are great for network developers.

Here are a few good resources to get started on your journey.


The First Network Design Course by David Kowalski is an excellent course for anyone looking to learn how to design networks.

The course is based on his network design practice and covers everything from the basic fundamentals to network architecture and management.

The video below gives an overview of the course, as well as some tips and tricks for students who have completed the course.

In addition to the videos below, the course also includes a podcast episode that includes the course’s videos and other resources.


The Network Design Masterclass is a popular course for network designers.

This course is taught by renowned network designer David Kamp and it covers the fundamentals of network engineering.

The entire course is offered free, and the course is also free to attend and study.

The class also features a podcast where students can ask questions, get feedback, and share their own experiences.

This is a must-watch course for any network engineer.


The Design Principles by Eric Ries offers a comprehensive overview of network architecture that covers the core concepts and design principles for all types of networks.

Ries writes, It’s not just about the design but the implementation of the network.

If you are interested in network design theory, design principles, and networking in general, this is a great resource.


Networking in the 21st Century by Marc Caputo is another excellent course that focuses on network design.

Caputo provides a wide range of networking knowledge to make networking easier and more efficient for everyone, from the novice to the advanced user.

In his course, Caputo also covers some practical networking topics like security, authentication, and security controls.

Capututo has written a book on network architecture, which is available for purchase.


The Definitive Networking Guide by James P. Henson is another great resource for network design experts.

The guide covers everything you need to know about designing networks, from basic design principles to network administration and management, including the latest research.

This guide also includes practical networking tips like how to set up secure networking for your company, and how to secure your network.


Network Design with James Pesca is a free online course by network designer James Pascale.

Pescaras guides cover everything you should know about network design: basic network principles, basic network architecture principles, network management, and basic network management principles.


Designing Networks: How to Build, Design, and Test a High-Performance, Low-Cost, Scalable Network is a course that covers basic networking design concepts, such as networking design theory and network management.


How to Make Your Own Networking Network by Mark Z. Galbraith covers everything in networking theory, including networking fundamentals, networking design principles and network administration.


The Official Networking Handbook by Dan Abramowicz offers a wide array of networking resources, including an in-depth course on networking administration, aswell as the course book The Networking Masterclass.


The Basics of Networking by Steve Wozniak, the creator of Netscape and the original designer of the web, has also been a major influence on networking design.

Woz has written books on networking and design, including Networking 101 and Networking Essentials.


The Web is Your Network by Steven Levy is a book about networking design, but it’s a great place to start.

Levy is also a great network designer and his book The Web Is Your Network is one of the best resources available for networking design and development.


How-To Network: How To Design a Network That Works, is an easy to read guide that covers networking design fundamentals and design management concepts.


The New Design Handbook by Peter Thiel is a comprehensive guide for networking designers that is both fun and practical.

Thiel has written several books on network management and networking, including New Design 101, and he also has a book titled Networking: The Definitive Guide.


Network Management: Networking Principles and Best Practices by Mike Steglich offers a great overview of networking design issues and principles, as he describes how to build, design, and test networks.


The Architecture of Networks by Bruce Schneier is an in depth introduction to network design concepts.

Schneier has written numerous books on security, network administration, and network security, including Security and Privacy: A Practical Guide. 16.

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