Why Google’s self-driving cars won’t work in traffic jams

This article first appeared on Business Insider.

The future of cars is finally here, but Google is taking a few steps back.

It seems the search giant is working on a new car design that will take over the driving experience.

It’s a little hard to tell right now, but we’re guessing the new design will be more like the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, a sleek concept with a similar look to the Google car.

That design is also a bit ahead of its time.

Google’s autonomous cars are currently limited to roads that can be traveled in two- or three-quarters of a mile.

The new design won’t allow drivers to travel in those spaces as much.

The C-class will have enough room to drive on and off roads without any issues.

The new design has also been described as a lot simpler than the previous versions, which were both heavy and bulky.

In the new version, Google says the car will be lighter and less bulky than the current version.

This could make it easier for companies to sell the cars, which are expected to cost around $40,000.

It’ll be the company’s first autonomous car to be built by the automaker, so the new car will also be equipped with advanced safety features like collision avoidance and collision avoidance cruise control.

The cars’ designers will be using a computer-controlled system that uses lasers to calculate how to steer the car around obstacles.

The software also will be able to take control of the car and use a variety of sensors, including radar, laser, and cameras.

Google says that the new designs will be ready to go on a test ride in October, and the company expects to start selling them in 2021.

It will be interesting to see how much of this new design can be mass-produced, because the cars could be a lot more expensive than the existing cars.

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