What is Star Network Design?

Designing and deploying network designs requires some skillsets.These skillsets can be learned in any field of IT, from marketing to networking to customer service, to name a few.The Star Network design is one of these skillsets that is well suited for designers, engineers and network administrators.Star Network Design OverviewStar Network design refers to the design […]

How to design a network

Designing a network is a bit like creating a skyscraper, but much harder.As a building, it must be built to withstand the forces of gravity and its own weight.However, the structure of the network must also withstand the force of gravity, and it must hold its shape and strength in such a way that it […]

‘We have to find a way’ to stop Tel Aviv-Jerusalem conflict

Two weeks ago, the Tel Aviv Municipality agreed to allow the construction of a high-speed fiber-optic network connecting Jerusalem and Tel Aviv to allow residents to receive Internet access in the city.The first phase of the network, to be called Tel Aviv Fiber, is scheduled to begin in the summer of 2019, with the second […]

When we lose our way, we fall into a global depression

By DAVID HAASBERGBERGDES MOINES, NEW YORK (Reuters) – In this quiet, cobbled-together factory, a man named Andrew Bunch stands in the doorway.“It’s my job,” he says, explaining the company he founded in 2003 to sell computer components for home and business.Bunch, 46, has built his business on his knowledge of the design of computer systems.“This […]

Why are all of these network design problems so common?

Networks are designed to provide high-speed internet access.But with most of us having only one internet connection, it’s not enough.And that’s where multicast networking comes in.If a router can support a lot of different devices, then it can be a very powerful platform for fast internet access, but not all of them will be available […]

Which is the best business network design application?

The best business networks are all the things you need to build a successful business.They are flexible, adaptable and reliable, which makes them ideal for any business that has a diverse user base and a desire to communicate and collaborate.So which is the most popular application for designing business networks?Here are the top business network […]

The Lad is Back! – A guide to the new Lad website

This is a re-run of a post I made a couple of weeks ago.In it, I detailed the development process of the new website and the process by which we plan to migrate to the newer Lad. The Lad is a hierarchical network architecture (HNA) for applications and devices that leverages the power of RESTful APIs […]

The internet of things (IoT) is becoming an important platform for data science and analytics

AUSTRALIA – FEBRUARY 07: A data scientist uses a smart thermostat at the Australian Office of Statistics’ (AOS) ‘Data Science and Analytics’ (DSAA) conference in Melbourne, Australia, February 07, 2021.AAS: AO/MRC/Getty ImagesFor example, the smart thermo system at the AOS is able to control the heating, cooling, and air conditioning of a home to ensure […]

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