How to design a geodetic navigation network for your building

The city of Melbourne is planning to develop a network of more than 1,500 geodetics stations to help with the spread of emergency alerts.

Key points:The city will develop an emergency alert network of geodetectors to help provide information about emergency events in its cityscape and identify potential hazards to the city’s residents and businesses.

It will also monitor potential threats to the public health and safety from earthquakes and volcanoes and consider installing geodeter information at roads and streets.

The network is being designed with the assistance of the Federal Government’s geodetracker program and a team of researchers.

The plan calls for the creation of a database of emergency geodefences and geodestration points to be used by the city to plan and conduct emergency alerts and to monitor possible threats to public health.

“We’re going to have geodets that will detect earthquakes and eruptions and volcanic eruptions, and they’re going and monitoring them and giving out alerts,” Ms Cavanagh said.

“And we’re going after any hazards that could be causing earthquakes or volcanoes or earthquakes.”

Ms Cavanah said the project was designed to help city residents and business owners, who would be able to quickly identify potential threats from earthquakes or eruptions.

“It’s going to be a very simple, very straight-forward system to develop and it’s going for a lot of the people that live in Melbourne,” she said.

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